We are a boutique and an independent brand that was founded with the mission of making and selling quality products that help people in need.


We make our products at local markets in the USA, Poland, and Brazil. In this manner, we support local economies, help reduce unemployment, promote local brands, products and service, and donate to local charity organizations that are focused on hunger alleviation, education promotion, and sustainability projects.


The quality of our products is ascertained by the local producers. Their experience and knowledge allow us to provide high quality of Nurture items at affordable price. We believe that only through cooperation with respect for tradition we can offer you more than just a bag or a t-shirt.


The greatest value of our projects is quality, carefully selected materials and the Made in Poland / Made in the USA label of craftsmanship.


We make our items just for you. We are here both to give you a high quality product and help people in need!

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