1. Can I return products I purchased from a retailer on nurturetheworld.com?


We accept returns for products purchased on our website www.nurturetheworld.com. If you would like to return a product you purchased from a retailer, please contact that retailer directly for information on their return policy.

2. Can i exchange an item?
Unfortunately, we do not offer direct exchanges.

3. Can I cancel or adjust my order?
If you need to adjust or cancel your order, please contact us at http://www.nurturetheworld.com/ time permitting, we will see  if cancelation or an adjustment is possible.

4. Do you restock items that are sold out? 
Nurture products are seasonal or limited-time collaborations, and they will not be restocked, except for certain products.

5. How can I place a corporate order?
For information about corporate orders or any large orders, please email us at info@nurturetheworld.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

6. Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally but you can purchase our products in Europe through www.nurture.pl

7. Can you ship to a PO Box?
Unfortunately, we cannot ship to a PO BOX.

8. Where my donation going?
We donate from each product sold on our website, depending on the product we are able to donate from 3% - 5% of retail price, do different non-profit organizations that feed hungry children around the world in the USA.

9. Can I return a Nurture product that i purchased on sale?
Unfortunately, all Nurture products purchased on sale are unable to be returned. 

10. Is Nurture the World a non - profit organization?
Nurture the World is a for-profit company founded with mission of giving back to a good cause.  This model has enabled us to give meals at a rapid rate and make a global movement to engage customers, philanthropists and organizations along the way.
11. How do I apply to be a volunteer?
We are growing and we are always looking for extra hands to help. Please contact us at: info@nurturetheworld.com

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