Hunger is one of the great challenges of our time.  Food is a basic and physical human need. By giving children a meal, you are not only assuring them health but also investing in their future. Hunger is a solvable problem. By purchasing selected Nurture products, you are helping us to solve the problem of hunger in the USA. 





By supporting language proficiency programs at Polish supplementary schools in the USA, we not only help the members of young generation to understand their roots, speak mother tongue, understand Polish history and culture, but we also invest in their future.  By promoting a variety of interacademic events, Polish Certification Exam and scholarships, we build a strong and friendly relations between Polish and American citizens.



Polish & American Women Entrepreneurs (Polish & American WE) is a hub for professional and entrepreneurial women from Poland and the United States. It promotes cooperation among women in both countries at every stage of their professional careers and business development. This unique platform gives access to resources, tools and custom-designed programs that facilitate effective networking and mentoring via WE Labs and special events – all to empower women, so they can grow locally and expand internationally. This makes the Polish & American WE an active contributor to the development of economic, commercial and financial relations between 

in the United States and Poland.

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